Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Realistic Resolutions

Like everyone else in the world I make resolutions for the new year with the well intended hope of sticking to them and magically transforming into a super fit goddess who can speak Spanish fluently and cook up a storm. However, like the majority of people, I last for a few weeks (days) and then give up and go back to my old ways. This year, however, shall be different. I'm making realistic resolutions this year, starting off with small doable things that will make a difference. 

Eat healthier | This doesn't necessarily equate to 'lose weight', my diet is terrible and no doubt adds to my weight and bad skin. I enjoying cooking and plan to use this as a motivation for making healthy meals. This year I will eat better and finally sort out my horrendous diet.

Read more | I used to read a lot, I would read a book every week but in the last year I have only read whilst on holiday. I have mountains of unread books just screaming out to be loved so this year I'm going to read more and blog about them. 

Switch off | This appears to be quite a common resolution this year, it seems that many people are attached to their gadgets, I know I'm certainly attached to my phone! I could be doing so many productive and creative things with my time yet I can spend hours on tumblr or just generally faffing about on my phone. This year I am aiming to spend half an hour without gadgets each day. 

Keep learning | I finished school last year and I am currently on a gap year before going to university in September. I'm going to be doing modern languages and really need to keep my skills up. Although my Spanish is pretty good because I spent all summer speaking it, my German is schlecht! Alongside my two languages I want to learn French and some basic Icelandic, so I've got my work cut out for me! This year I'm going to continue learning my chosen languages and learn some new ones.

So there you have it, realistic and not intimidating resolutions that I will try my hardest to stick to. What are your resolutions?

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