Thursday, 5 May 2016

Everyday Emily

It's been a while since I've done an Everyday Emily but that's because anything exciting that I've done has warranted it's own post. However, these past few weeks have been exciting.

I am currently revising for my second year exams which means I am half way through my degree! I have chosen my modules for third year and I get to study things from an archaeological perspective which I am really looking forward to! In the space of a month I have gone from having no idea about what to focus on to having a topic for my dissertation that is a year away and looking at post-grad courses in Cambridge! 

I am also now on the committee of the student archaeology society which will give me some experience for planning events and finding opportunities. I also participated in IJM's Stand4Freedom. I couldn't do the whole 24 hours but I managed 10 hours and it was a great experience! My legs definitely hurt and I was very cold but getting to spend time with big-hearted people raising money and awareness for a great cause was 100% worth it!

During my spring break a group of friends and I travelled to Glasgow to go to a Bethel Worship Nights, and it was an amazing night! I got to sing some of my favourite songs with so many passionate and spiritual people. 
I am also seeing Sigur Rós with my dad in August. He has never seen them before and their whole performance is incredible, the combination of lights and sound just blows me away!

My lease ends in August which means I have the joy of staying in St Andrews over summer. Luckily the Open is in Troon this year so there won't be as many golfers. I am working in a hotel this summer which wont be very exciting but that's because my exciting summer plans are happening next year!
However I am excited to spend my time off at the beach and taking in the beautiful town that is St Andrews! Plus a few of my friends are also staying over the summer so I wont be completely alone.