Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chorizo and Pepperoni Pasta

This past week I decided to start eating meat again, after more than six years of being a strict vegetarian. My way of easing myself back into eating meat is by creating healthy and delicious meals. 

For the sauce;
Pasata, garlic, olive oil, tabasco, tomatoes, basil, oregano and a pinch of salt.

Fusili pasta, chorizo and pepperoni.

Chop the tomatoes into chunks and fry in the olive oil with the garlic. Put grill onto high and put the pasta onto boil.

Add the pasata, tabasco, herbs and seasonings. Heat on medium for 2-3 minutes. 

Slice the chorizo and pepperoni into bitesize pieces and add to the sauce. Continue to heat the sauce for 2 minutes. 

Spoon into heat-proof dish and top with cheese and breadcrumbs. Pop under grill for a few minutes until the top is crusty. 

And there you go!, a delicious and easy pasta. I had mine with garlic bread but it would go well with a salad. 

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