Sunday, 20 March 2016

Rome: The Vatican and St. Peters

We paid €8 to get an elevator up and then had a few hundred stairs inside the dome itself to climb up. These stairs are weird and at points very cramped, just a word of warning. However the view is worth the stairs! The first view you get is of the inside of the basilica dome and the basilica itself. It was great to see the ornate decoration up so close. 

Of course, the reason anyone climbs all those stairs is to see the iconic view of St. Peters square and the city of Rome behind. 

We spent the morning at the Vatican museums which I unfortunately have no photos of. The Sistine Chapel was good to see, if a little underwhelming. The museums themselves can be overwhelming as there is so much stuff from a large period of history. The rooms themselves are heavily decorated and there is something to see in every room. 

I recommend buying your ticket online, it costs €4 more but it is worth it to beat the queues that wrap around the city walls! We sat in St Peters enjoying the weather and the views, and then explored Vatican City for a few hours.


  1. I threw such a paddy while we were on the stairs on the Vatican, I was so hot and was not expecting them to get so narrow! I was also underwhelmed by the Sistine Chapel but I did think the museum as a whole was great, had a really bizarre lunch at the canteen though...

    1. I was the same on the stairs!, especially the really narrow ones right at the top. It was even scarier coming down! The Sistine Chapel was weird, I expected a lot but you could hardly see the paintings and got pushed around a lot by the tour groups.