Saturday, 21 November 2015

This Is Empowerment || Krochet Kids Intl.

Lately I've been thinking about ways I can be more ethical in my purchases, Krochet Kids was a company that kept popping up on my radar so I took the plunge and bought a beanie. 

edited with Krochet Kids  x VSCO 

Krochet Kids Intl. is a non-profit company founded by three friends who wanted to create gifts that gave back by empowering the ladies who made the products. I am inspired by their vision and ethos towards giving and helping people. They focus on helping people in the now and allowing them to support themselves. Their website is filled with great graphics showing how this approach changes lives, the children of the ladies are eight times more likely to go to high school and the ladies are 25% more likely to have a say in important decisions. These changes are important and will only continue to increase. 

One of my favourite features of Krochet Kids is that every item is signed by the lady who made it. Rosmery Shupingahu thank you for making my beanie, I love it! You can actually go onto their website and leave a thank you message for whomever made you item which is such a lovely idea. 

I think it's so easy to forget that fellow people were involved in making our clothes. Especially when you think of cheap labour and sweat factories, you would much rather not think about those behind the clothes. BUT it is our responsibility as consumers to think about the horrors of cheap clothes and products, someone always loses and it is never those in charge. I've been trying to buy more ethically recently which is hard as a student living in an expensive town. However, after purchasing from Krochet Kids I'm looking for other companies that can be held accountable and help those making the products. 

I've already put the standard tee and the arizona on my Christmas list! If you're looking for stylish, cosy and responsible Christmas presents I wholeheartedly recommend Krochet Kids!!.

*I am not being paid or sponsored to write this post, I genuinely recommend this brand*

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