Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Everyone is heading home for a cosy christmas with family and a relaxing month long break from university. Except me. I'll be spending the majority of the winter break staying in my university town to work, here are my plans so I don't turn into a recluse.

- Go outside -
I'm lucky that I live in a beautiful town beside the sea, and I need to take advantage of that. Whether it's a long walk or popping to the shops, I aim to go outside every day. 

- Read -
I finally have to read non-reading list books which means I'm going to tackle the huge pile of books that I've been meaning to read. Coincidently the majority of them are to do with my degree in some way!

- Exercise -
Last summer I was going on runs every week and loving it but university threw everything out of balance. I want to start running again and this break is the perfect time for that. 

- Keep in touch - 
I love writing letters and cards and want to send them to my friends, especially those in far flung places. There is nothing nicer than getting a handwritten card in the post!

- Prepare for next semester -
I want to be prepared by doing all the required reading in advance, luckily I enjoy the background reading! I also need to keep on top with my Spanish, ¡aquĆ­ voy! 

All of this will be partnered with my retail job, which should be fun in the sales.

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